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    The Canadian Professional's Resume

    Changing Climates and Tastes

    For many years you may have enjoyed moving ahead in your career without requiring a strong resume as you connected to opportunities through networking or proactive referrals.

    Suddenly, in a recruitment atmosphere that requires transparency, or a change in your industry or network that forces the need upon you, you find yourself competing with a resume that does not meet - or indeed, exceed - today's executive standards, and your career loses traction.

    Today's Professional Resume

    Today's professional requires self-marketing documents that communicate a distinct and distinguished brand, which proves your solid reputation for excellence upheld by strong indicators of ROI.

    Those in management - Manager, Senior Manager, Director, VP, SrVP, Executive Director, CAO, CCO, CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, and President - are in the right place.

    What are Your KPIs?

    As a professional resume strategist, amongst Canadian leaders in the career services sector - and this year's recipient of Career Professional's of Canada's Awards of Excellence, Executive Resume category - my goal is to unearth your career KPIs. By what measure can we demonstrate that you deliver on goals and objectives? What are the skills that prove your key performance indicators? How well do you leverage these skills, and to what results?

    Leading professionals don't rise to the top on seniority; they are selected based on key comptencies that impact revenues or reputation through productivity, performance, and profits. And, in the case of not-for-profits, institutional or organizational reputation and delivering on your Board's mandates are key.

    Who You Will Partner With

    Now in my 10th year of full time career service delivery, mainly in supporting Canadian and ex-pat career transitions with outstanding customized written documents, my own brand is distinguished by the following:

    • 8x published in Canadian and American career publications including Best Canadian series, Job Search Letters for Dummies, and the recent Modernize Your Resume.
    • Active contributor to Career Professionals of Canada as newsletter editor, assessor of resume strategist, interview strategist, and career strategist applications, and teleclass facilitator.
    • Past contributor/presenter at Career Professionals of Canada's annual conference.
    • My skills extend to a talent for the written word and I continue to develop my writing style with courses, self-study, and reading. I work according to the premise that there is power in the written word: use it wisely to your advantage, poorly to your disadvantage.

    Ready to Begin?

    If you're ready to invest in your career with self-marketing documents that will distinguish you from your competitors, please email me at or call 778.269-5627.

    Let's begin exploring your options with a complimentary resume review and a firm quote on a variety of services. Once you determine if my service meets your expectations, we will execute on a plan to recreate your professional resume or potentially to build your professional online presence and professional portfolio.