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    Knowing my topic to an exceptional depth, and loving speaking to groups from small to large, I continue to develop my list of speaking topics. Here are a few that may be perfect for your group or event:

    Landing that $100K Plus Job

    Your resume plays a role in this and I love to see the expression on faces when I clarify and demystify recruitment, specifically the role of the written documents, which may include the resume, cover letter, LinkedIn and other portfolio documents.

    Getting Over a Layoff

    A layoff can be as hard as getting over a romantic breakup! A guide or process can smooth out the rough patches, get you over the worst, and restore your self-confidence or build it beyond where it was before the breakup, oops, layoff.

    Career Management 101

    Recent research showed that Canadian workers have little knowledge of career management. From resumes to annual performance reviews, there are rather easy and straightforward steps to take to climb the career ladder, earn more money, negotiate better benefits, and feel more in control. Many are a win-win for employer and employee.

    If you have a career topic in mind, I'd love to hear about it. Do call me at 778.269-5627 or email me at

    Empowering Job Seekers with Career Management Strategies

    I enjoy sharing my rich knowledge of resume strategy in workshops.

    How to write a strategic resume and cover letter and how to interview effectively are typical workshop topics. The resume and cover letter workshop also touches on how to distinguish one's self from competitors with additional documents - unique and seldom used documents. The interview workshop does not rely on "pat answers" but goes deep into strategy. Powerful stuff!

    Recent workshop participants had this to say:

    Communitech Job Seekers' Group, Kitchener, ON:
      “By far, Stephanie was the best speaker we've had.”

      “excellent / revealing - there is much more to a resume than I ever knew...:)”

     “Great information! Clearly there is an art to resume and cover letter writing.”


    Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Nanaimo, BC:

    Your warm and energetic personality was inspiring to me and to see your passion for what you are doing is infectious. Thank you for that.

    I thought that your class was excellent, I really appreciated your passion for your work, it is refreshing to have someone be so excited about teaching.
    I thought it was a really good structure, and your booklet is very handy.

    Thanks again for coming and sharing your professional knowledge with our class yesterday. It was a nice refreshing approach to the typically dull approach to resumes that we have all become accustomed to. If you can manage to be so excited about producing resumes for total strangers, that positive energy encourages me to summon up the same level of excitement for finding my own dream job.

    I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful presentation you gave to my students. I appreciate the time you took to research the current needs of employers hiring students, and for preparing an informative presentation and reference package.  Many students commented on helpful your tips were and that they felt more prepared and confident going to interviews.

    Many thanks, (High School Teacher)

    Unabashedly passionate about writing resumes and enthusiastic to share my knowledge, I welcome inquiries for half or full day workshops for groups of from five to 20. Class participants reliably mention the energy with which I teach, and also appreciate the workbook and exercises that I provide:

    Thank you for your presentation at CSNN last week. You had some great ideas that I had never thought of. It's been many years since I've done a resume for myself. 
    You were very organized and the notes were very helpful. You had some great ideas for standing out in the job market. I especially liked the book list suggestion - simple, yet unique.

    I love to speak

    For a somewhat shy person (I'm not good at networking in large groups, for example) I really enjoy getting up in front of a crowd and transforming boredom into engagement! My enthusiasm, as noted by the above participants, really comes through!
    In the past I have delivered one hour seminar style talks as well as key-note presentations. Topics can vary from the ones noted above to include Networking for Work, What is Career Management, Today's Job Search Strategies ... I will absolutely customize a topic for your group and event!

    Organizations that have used my services are:

    Communitech Job Seekers' Group
    Halton Region Job Fair (Burlington)
    National Job Fair (Toronto)
    Corporation of the City of Kitchener
    A Growing List of Canadian High Schools (Perth County, Waterloo Region)
    Medix School
    TrIOS School
    Liaison School of Culinary Arts
    Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
    BCJobsPlan: Job Fair
    Vancouver Island Regional Library