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    2017 Manager of Community Health Services

    "Oh my goodness Stephanie! Thank you so much! This letter sings to me. The updates to my resume are so appreciated as well.

    Wow wow, wow – I am so excited."


    2017 New Graduate, Business Administration, with workforce experience as Executive Assistant, Coordinator, Administrator

    "Hi Stephanie, Just wanted to let you know that I started with the (Canadian Provincial) Government last month as a Business Consultant in the Ministry of Attorney General- so thanks for all the work you did on my resume :)

    That's AFTER turning down 2 other consulting positions because they didn't pay as well."

    2017 Organizational Development / Corporate Trainer

    "Stephanie is a consummate professional who asks the right questions, places current and relevant content into an easy to read format.  She is knowledgeable in regards to the ways that employers look for people.  Her gift is assembling somewhat random information into powerful and content specific forms. How she displays this content is motivating in and of itself." 

    2017 Sports Professional

     "I got the job!  Thank you so much for your help. Not only in the resume/letter but also in helping me organize my thoughts and create a self image of myself. 

     You were fantastic!"

    2017 Insurance Professional (U.S.) (We've worked together in the past.)

    "I wanted to get in touch and let you know that I was recently offered a position at an insurance company with offices in (Name of U.S. City). I applied via LinkedIn with the resume you just updated for me and got an interview right away. I’m starting on Monday in an Underwriting Assistant position and am really looking forward to it!

    It was the second position I sent in my resume for. I received a call back on the first position I applied for with the cover letter and resume you wrote. It was outside of the insurance industry and the salary was too low so I withdrew my application. 

    The person who interviewed me for the insurance position brought a copy of my resume to the interview & had highlighted sections & wrote notes. Doing the homework questions that you sent helped me prepare for the interview, as well as reviewing the headline info you wrote for me for LinkedIn. The time from sending in my application to starting the job (this Monday) is less than 3 weeks :)"

    2017 New Graduate - Security

    "I just wanted to give you an update, as I am kind of excited and over whelmed, haha. I have been signed on for the Park Patroller (now Officer) position and have an interview with (Name of District) tomorrow. As well as two phone interviews later this week. And these are for jobs that I applied to over a month ago, when I thought I had been passed over, not to mention all the current postings coming up daily now that the seasonal positions have started. 
    I am kind of overwhelmed with the interviews as I hadn't heard from anyone and now all of a sudden everyone is calling.
    I wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for all the work and help you have given me. Thank you very much!"

    2017 Procurement Professional who is over the age of 60

    "Since we last spoke in late November I have applied for three procurement management jobs in total. 

    These jobs were at (Name of) University, the City of (Name) and (Name of) Regional District.

    Following my resume submissions I had interviews for two of the above openings.

    Today I was offered, and have accepted, the position with (Name of) University as their Manager of Procurement.

    I want to thank you again for your invaluable help in updating my resume."


    2017 New Graduate, BBA Sustainability, with 10 years' professional experience

    "It's obvious Stephanie has a wealth of knowledge, and it's proven by the fact that she was able to condense my extensive 8-page work and volunteer history into a 2-page document without diminishing any of my work experience-a startling feat! I'm extremely confident that my NewLeaf resume will get me the results I'm looking for."


    2017 Recruiter's own resume (repeat client)


    You nailed it again!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing!

    Thank you for your speedy turn around on this."

     2017 Transitioning out of Armed Forces (Senior Level)

    "I wanted to touch base to let you know that I was successful in landing the job at Bruce Power and accepted the position.  My release from the Canadian Armed Forces is officially in and I will soon be embarking upon a second career in Kincardine, On.  Thank you for all your help during this endeavour, your excellent resume writing and interview coaching was instrumental in helping me get the position."

    2016 Transitioning out of Armed Forces (Senior Level)

    "I just got a request for an interview from (Company) human resources for a role I did not apply for.  The email did not provide details of the position so I sought clarification and they indicated that the position is for experienced high potential leaders brought in to think outside the box and work on corporate initiatives as individual contributors for a period of time (2Years typically) before moving into a leadership role somewhere in (The Company).
    They also indicated that the position I applied to is still in process and I was still being considered for the position.  One of the interviewers made a comment after the interview was complete that made me think that I was over qualified for the position.  I received some feedback that the department manager told him that I did really well on the interview.
    I used a lot of your advice from the interview coaching for the first interview and it went really well so thanks for that."

    2016 Transitioning out of Armed Forces (Intermediate Level)

    "I passed the fitness portion of the interview process! There were 1300 applicants and 75 chosen to go forward for fitness testing.
    I really do feel the critical part was the resume. One of my  buddies did not get selected. He did his own resume. I feel you have to be very serious when applying for these types of jobs. That is stiff competition."


    2016 Project Manager

    "My brother, a Departmental Manager, reviewed my resume before I applied to the last position and he indicated that it was one of the best resume's he has seen in a quite some time."

    2016 Veternarian

    "Thank you so much for the amazing resume ... I only put out 3 and have received multiple compliments on it ... I got a job with the exact clinic I was hoping to get on with!" 


    2016 EVP Federal Agency

    ''Stephanie is a true communications professional; her methods are proven, her techniques adapted to the digital environment and her approach genuine. In following her advice, it led me to secure the perfect role that will help accelerate my career aspirations significantly. I truly recommend Stephanie’s expertise for those who are ready to embark on the next journey of their career.''

    2016 VP, Client Experience

    "I have actually been meaning to email you to let you know that I have resigned from (employer's name), my last day is April 29th. After Christmas two different companies reached out to me and I interviewed with both. I am starting at a company locally called (name of company) as COO on May 16th. I am REALLY excited! It was 100% as a result of my LinkedIn Profile that the headhunter found me so thank you for all your help with that!!!!!"

    2016 Executive Director, Not for Profit

    "Stephanie's combination of up-to-the-minute knowledge and calm persona make her a excellent coach and expert.

    With her advice, I was able to sharpen my message and more clearly communicate my accomplishments. Not only that but I found she was constantly giving me useful bits of advice along the way that helped me ensure I stayed focused and strategic in my interviews and subsequent salary negotiations.

    She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her most highly."

    2015 Operational Executive

    "Stephanie, a quick note to say thank you for your help on my resume. I landed my dream job - I am running the largest (sector here) in the Caribbean."

    2015 Teacher Climbing the Career Ladder

    "I am humbled and speechless. That letter is amazing –
    This cover letter and my resume really are a complete package!  I am so grateful to you, this was a very tight deadline (that you met early) with some rather bizarre and unique limitations with almost no advanced warning. But I feel very prepared. 
    Thank you...thank you...thank you."

    2015 Teacher with International Credentials

    "Thank you for the great tips from the ebook and from the interview coaching. You gave me such great ideas!I was so lucky I found you. Through all the preparation including resume, cover letter and interview, you helped me find valuable things in my past experience and you have soared my confidence! My resume is unique and it is fully me, what I do, how I do and my passion for teaching. Now I have learned how to extend that in my interview. THANK YOU!"

    2015 Teacher making a big change

    "I LOVE it.  Thank you so much Stephanie.  Not only are you a genius in your job, wonderful with words, but you have also increased my self esteem tremendously.  It is no easy task to move out of a pension locked job - but I truly feel it is time.  I just needed the help to see that I do have transferable, marketable skills - and a little kick to do it! Thank you."

    2014 Park/Conservation Area Specialist

    "Having been 'restructured' after 23 years with one employer, I found myself ill-prepared with a very out-dated resume for the daunting task at hand.  Fortunately, upon a friend's recommendation I enlisted Stephanie's expertise. 
    Stephanie doesn't  just write you a superbly crafted honest resume, she engages you in a thought provoking, confidence building process to turn a 'New Leaf' on your future.  Money well spent."

    2014 Grateful Parent of Student

    "Just wanted to say thanks again for the fantastic resume and cover letter for my daughter. She applied and got two different jobs within one day."

    2014 Researcher/Writer

    "Hi Stephanie, I hope all is well. I just wanted to give you a quick update since receiving my resume from you - I was able to find a job in my area of expertise (research/writing) in my geographic area! I've left my job that had way too much travel to handle a new family and am very excited to build a career in my field! I just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help, you did a great job! I'm definitely recommending all of my friends and family consider New Leaf."

    2014 New Grad

    "I just wanted to let you know that I got a job at (Leading Canadian) Hospital as a Research Assistant!

    It was the second job I applied for and I really believe it was because of my amazing resume and most importantly my LinkedIn profile (that got many views from the HR department!)

    Thank you! I cannot thank you enough!

    Sincerely, your newly employed customer"

    2014 IT Program Manager

    Just wanted to let you know that today is my 1st day at my new job, I was hired as a full time Project Manager by (name of company). I want to let you know that engaging your services proved to be a valuable investment.

    All the guidance provided by Stephanie during our coaching sessions was so precise and helped me to overcome the objection that my current employer initially had about me not having any previous working experience in Canada.
    Another thing that was so amazing about it all is that when I was on my final interview with the SVP of the company he started the conversation complementing me on my resume. He said and I quote "This resume is so perfectly done, it tells me you put a lot of effort and focus in everything you do."
    Thank you so much for your help and guidance throughout this important transition in my career.

    2014 Senior Purchasing / Commodity Analyst

    Wow Outstanding! Absolutely Outstanding!This is awesome.
    Please do my Linkedin page as well! This sooo Rocks!What is so outstanding and amazing with this process and U, is you saw and clearly defined the true me. Wow you are an amazing Lady
    Thank you sooo Much!You are truly Brillant!  Yes, you are soo welcome to post my comments.

    2014 CEO

    "I completed the final round of interviews for (name of organization) last week.  They have followed up with all of my references and are making a recommendation to their Board this evening.  I'm not sure what the recommendation consists of exactly but they did advise me of that so we will see.  Thank you again for the great work on the resume.  It got me in the door and truly reflects who I am as a professional and what I am bringing to the table.  I'm very proud to share it with other friends and colleagues.

    I will keep you posted."


    2014 New Grad (Bachelor of Science, Honours, Major: Human Biology)

    "First and foremost I want to thank you.  These documents came out far better than I ever imagined and I am so glad that I went to a true professional in the field!  I cannot wait to start sending my resume off. There are very minor changes, I will get those back to you. I am truly beyond pleased, your service has far surpassed my expectations.
    Also, I tried the cake recipe as my brother is gluten intolerant, and it was well received.  Thank you!"

    2013 Health Professional turned Realtor

    "Good morning: thanks so much Stephanie for getting back so quickly. I appreciate the changes very much. I am very happy with my new résumé. If things change and I decide to apply for something in the future, I will have you on speed dial! I can now see the real advantage on getting professional help to build on your skill/expertise and get results: a very powerful résumé.  What a difference it makes on a resume! My thanks and best wishes."


    2013 Mother of a Student

    "In March of this year you helped my son with his resume, as he was expecting to graduate from (name of University) in April with his Masters of Science in Biology. With your great help (son's name) managed to obtain full time employment as an Organic Chemical Analyst - it was the second job that he applied for after his graduation! I believe (as does my son) that his resume played a huge role in getting him the interview that led to his job offer. So thank you very much. I would be happy to post a testimonial to your website."

    2013 Human Resource Professional

    "I am really happy with the resume and the rest of the documents you sent me, so I don't think that we need to touch base over the phone yet. Maybe if something changes in the near future I will contact you. I have to tell you that you have done an amazing job and I am very pleased about the outcome! Thank you Stephanie for all your hard work and support!"


    2013 Sales Professional, Account Manager, Technical Sales

    "Good to connect! I'd been meaning to email you now that the dust is settling. The startup I was working for died a few weeks ago. I elected to look for work purely by networking. I'd usually bring a copy of my resume along to an "informational interview." I had 9 in the first two weeks. It took 3 weeks to get a new job.

    Thank you for your great work on my resume - I think it was a great leave behind after my meetings. I'll definitely recommend you to my network."


    2012 IT Desktop Support Administrator:

    "Hi Stephanie,

    Hopefully everything goes well with you. I've got a new job at (City's Name) School Board and will start working in a few days. I just want to thank you for your help and support so far. Your service and information have been of great help to find a new job."

    2012 Entry-level HR candidate:

    "Wanted to email you back and follow up with my career path.  I have accepted a position with the (Name of) Hospital – as an HR Assistant –basically starting HR from the ground up (they previously did not have HR at this hospital).  It is a wonderful opportunity and a “step up” for me.  I am very excited and will be re-locating to the (name of) area – as my partner has obtained a full time position near there, which I think I had mentioned when we last spoke, so that will be nice for us to finally be closer!

    I want to thank you for the chats we have had over the last year or so, and I will always keep you in mind for any future positions/career questions I come across and am interested in, you have always been most helpful and inspiring when discussing career choices."

    2012 Engineering Graduate's mother:

    "Stephanie – Thank you so much for your work with our son on his cover letter and resume.  As you know 'Ken' was in the Civil Engineering program at McMaster during the recession.  We were thrilled to find someone with your expertise to assist 'Ken' in positioning his skills and knowledge to be attractive to an employer. 

    The interview resources you provided and links to thought leaders were also of considerable   value in 'Ken’s' job search.  As his parents we were certainly concerned about his ability to find work based on his lack of hands on experience. 

    Due to your ability to draw out information that would be of interest to employers in the civil engineering field, 'Ken' was able to secure work in just 3 1/2 short months!  This was an amazing accomplishment given that we have heard numerous stories of recent graduates  taking 12 months to find work in their field.  Any new graduate would be well served by New Leaf Resumes!" - grateful mother of Civil Engineering grad

    2012 Public Relations Account Executive

    "Hi Stephanie - Hope everything is well! I just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful for your help and it has brought many good opportunities my way. I had two job offers as Account Executive for the best two PR firms in the world! I have accepted in one of them and will begin my journey in PR next month.

    Thank you once again and wish you best of luck."

    2012 Manager of Operations

    "For months I sent out my resume with little response.  The replies I did receive were at best, a poor fit.   Stephanie Clark took the time to discover what it is that I do very well, put it into plain language and a format easily captured by prospective employers.  No gimmicks,  just a professional, attention-getting resume.

    I now have my dream job."

    2012 New Graduate, Engineering - From a grateful parent, who happens to be a recruiter:

    "Our son shared the work you did on his resume, cover letter and reference sheet.  Wow – your work is so impressive!  You were able to draw information from him that I, as his mother, was unable to get.  As someone who does hiring and has reviewed a large number of cover letters and resumes over the years, I appreciate how you were able to provide a robust picture of his attributes in just three pages.  You were creative in your approach, did not follow the typical template, and were quickly able to draw in the reader.

    I have passed your information on to a work colleague of mine for his kids." - A New Graduate's grateful mom

    2012 From a Portfolio Analyst who is also enrolled in a part-time MBA and CMA program

    I can truly say that working with Stephanie was a pleasure throughout the entire process. From our initial email contact I knew that my resume and cover letter were in good hands as Stephanie's helpful and professional approach instantly inspired me to utilize her services.

    Stephanie was able to build a professional resume and cover letter that totally exceeded my expectations. I am no longer hesitant to hand out my resume, as I am now confident in both my resume and cover letter, thanks to Stephanie's help. In fact, the first job I applied to using my new resume has just contacted me to come in for an interview. I highly recommend Stephanie’s resume writing services and will definitely be referring my colleagues and classmates to New Leaf Resumes.

    Thanks again Stephanie!

    From an Program Coordinator in the not-for-profit sector, 2011:

    Funny thing, my contract ended up getting extended very last minute (about a week ago) until next summer - which is great! If I hadn't gotten my resume updated and started job hunting, it probably wouldn't have happened lol. However, once I signed the new contract, I had 3 calls for interviews! I'd say that's success and a good ego boost for next time I need to jobhunt. Thanks again for your help, my position here has changed quite a bit, so will probably speak with you around February to update my resume again once I gain more skills.

    From a new Director, 2011:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Just wanted to let you know that I got the Director job at the Federal Agency for which you helped me prepare. This represents a major step forward in my career. Thank you!!!
    I am convinced that I could not have reached the interview process without the great marketing documents (résumé and letter) you created for me. The Agency very much wanted to meet with me because my «brand» (Manager, Change Delivery) represented exactly the type of help they were looking for.   
    Rest assure that I will not hesitate to refer you people looking for a change.
    Again, thank you Stephanie!

    From a recent graduate, two years after completing studies, 2011:

    "Thought you might like this update - I got a job!  I accepted a job offer today to work at the (not-for-profit) of KW and Area as Program Coordinator for the (name of) Campaign. It was the second job I applied to with my new resume and I am so excited to finally be working in my chosen field of non-profit! I honestly appreciate all of your help with my resume and the useful tips in your e-book - after two years of not getting interviews, I landed this opportunity two weeks after getting the finished resume - incredible!
    THANK YOU and I will definitely be keeping in touch"

    From a Director of Technology, 2011:

    “Stephanie, Wanted to let you know how things went after I delivered my new resume. It definitely got me to the top of the pile with the agency and produced an interview with them.  Out of 160 applicants for the job I was in the top 10 presented to the client, but I did not make the short list for interviews - 2 candidates. I did ask and the two short listed candidates were a former VP and CIO - tough to compete against if they are looking at title :-)

    I certainly attribute my success to you and the great new resume you helped me deliver.

    While I did not ultimately attain my goal of landing the job, I believe I would not have got as far as I did without your help.  The good news is I have a great resume that I can use in the future should I pursue any other opportunities.”  - Director of Information Technology 2011

    From a recent client, working in the hospitality industry in Toronto Ontario:

    "Having just started my new position, my employer approached me and complimented me on my resume. I know a professional resume when I see one he said, and this is one of the best. This is a testament to the quality and excellence that Stephanie possesses."

    From a Grateful Client, a Program Coordinator:

    "Hello, and I hope your summer has been good to you!  I wanted to drop you a line to say how thankful I am that I contracted you to help me with my resume et al.  In the past 3 weeks I have been invited to 5 interviews, and I am in the final development stages with a company to do Job Development and employment counselling for those with barriers to employment.  This kind of work is what I am meant to do-from a performance base to a spiritual calling-perhaps dramatic but I'm in such a good place I wanted to share it with you.  The other interviews are all related to career/employment and/or education and I couldn't be happier.  I might not have to go to that level with all the other interviews this week if all works in my favour (and if it doesn't I now have options).
    If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to ask."

    From a Professional Writer

    "Stephanie Clark is a thorough professional. She takes the time to interview you with questions that truly make you think about what you want and why you want it. Bring a notebook with you because she'll give you many helpful hints during the interview. You are given a lengthy homework assignment that further identifies your goals and achievements.  Do yourself a favour and put your best time, thoughts and effort into this part because it is key to your success. She then crafts a stellar resume and cover letter and works with you to highlight not only your skills, but most importantly, your accomplishments. After some fine tuning, you are good to go. She sends you her newsletter and oftentimes potential jobs. She is worth every penny you invest with her and considers you a client, not simply a one-time customer. I will refer her to everyone I know that is looking for a new opportunity. Take it from someone who makes a good living by writing, you won't find better than Stephanie."

    From a Swiss client whose dream was to find employment and relocate to Northern Canada, and who now lives in Yellowknife!

    "How are you? I have a interested employer ( ABC Company in Yellowknife NWT). I want to thank you again for this absolutely Perfect Resume and Cover letter and have nice Day." 
    -  Mike and Family

    HR Professional:

    “I had quite a few interviews in which I managed to impress the panel with my preparation and confidence. I landed a job with (Name) Casino as Senior Labour Relations Advisor. I was in the enviable position have having to choose between two job offers. The woman who hired me for the position here at (Casino name) said that the resume was very well laid out and she was also impressed with the Key Initiatives document that I left with her after the interview.

    Anyhow, you help me land the big fish - the pay isn't top of market - but the corp, culture, location and my new direct report make it all very worthwhile.

    Thanks so very much for putting the extra effort into helping me!”


    Clinical Manager, Major Canadian Hospital:

    “Dear Stephanie,
I truly believe it was due to your expertise in human resources and your excellent interview coaching that landed me my first manager’s position. Using your interview strategies and helpful tips, I was the selected candidate for the job.  The interview panel stated that I was ‘absolutely over the top’.

    Furthermore, your approachable manner and your willingness to be flexible to my needs were welcoming. I was extremely impressed with your compassion and your genuine desire for my success. For example, you went over and beyond your call of duty by answering my questions via email, tailored a resume designed for my profession, gave me interview strategy handouts, and talked to me on the phone about what references I should use and how to negotiate the organization’s offer of employment.

    I had tried many times to land a manager’s job, but my interviewing techniques were not working. Thank-you Stephanie for your excellent interview coaching and for helping me to be successful! I will definitely be back to use New Leaf Resume services again!”


    International Educator:

    “I went to the job fair in January. I got 7 interviews, 4 job offers, and I accepted a job at the International School of Phnom Penh starting in August. Thank you for your help again.”


    General Manager, Boutique Hotel:

    “WOW! … I am blown away by your talent!

    When I open the PDF I was in awe of what you have created for me. It was somewhat blinding at first. I just stared at the resume and said to myself, ‘is this really me, did I do all of this?’. You have given me not only an amazing resume but the extra confidence in myself to know now that the sky is my only limitation. Thank you for that!

    I will let you know if there is anything I would change, but for now it is perfect!”


    Student, Medical Sector: 

    “I absolutely love my new resume and cover letter! Thank you so much for your assistance, I feel more confident about my application knowing that I have a strong resume and cover letter to summarize my experience as well as give insight into what I really am about. You are truly gifted!  Also, thank you kindly for ensuring that my documents were sent on time.  I got them sent within the time frame which was a major concern!”


    Bertie E., Manager, Information Technology, New Zealand:

    “I appreciate how perfect it is. Other than 2 minor changes as under, everything else seems perfect.”


    CFO Candidate:

    "At first I was somewhat apprehensive about using a professional resume writer. I figured I could do a decent job on my own and save a few bucks. My do-it-yourself resume had served me well in the past. After going through the information gathering process and reviews, it became quite clear that I had made the correct decision to go with a specialist, especially for someone at my career stage.

    Stephanie has a genuine passion and gift for her field. The final product far exceeded my expectations and I am ecstatic about having a superb self-marketing package."


    Coop Student:

    “My coop interviews went really well. I ended up choosing between two offers: 1) credit-derivatives desk at Scotia Capital. 2) Foreign Exchange & Commodities trading at Ontario Teacher’s Pension. I ended up choosing #2 because the position was most in line with what I wanted to do.

    I’m pretty excited about the position and I feel like I owe a lot to that spiffy resume I submitted.”


    Company COO:

    “Last night I went to my career coach meeting, she was totally blown away with the resume you did for me.  She just loved the format and how you were able to capture me.  She was very impressed!”


    Recruiter, Technical Services

    “The way you drew out my recent accomplishments and my strengths helped me throughout this entire process.

    First, your homework got me thinking about my experience and then the meeting with you was a vital step in uncovering some of my achievements that I had forgotten about and neglected to include in the rough draft of my resume.

    Second, the meeting with you to question my experience was extremely beneficial preparation for the interview.

    Finally, your words of encouragement at the end of our session when I shared my apprehension about my lack of completed education, helped me to maintain a positive focus on the opportunity and most importantly, a focus on my strengths fitting into the organization.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart!"


    Client’s colleague:

    “This is quite a refreshing approach to resume writing. It has high energy, great rhythm and draws the reader into the plot quite well. I think you have invested your $ wisely. It feels as though this is one of the ‘all season-all opportunity resumes’ which when combined with opportunity specific cover letters should open many doors.”


    I.T. Client: 

    “I just wanted to thank you for the great work you did on my resume.  I was one of three persons who was invited to be interviewed for the target position.  Even though the position was offered to someone else who had more experience you did a great job highlighting what experience I had and that helped land me an interview.  I received some very positive feedback on my interview which is always nice to have. Thanks again and I'll keep you in mind if another position comes up that interests me and I need your expertise.”


    Senior Director: 

    “This looks amazing. You have done an incredible job of getting all the salient points into a flowing, interesting format with no repeats. Talented. I seriously do like the format. Also feel it lends a good outline from which the interview could be and so often is formatted.”


    Municipal employee: 

    “What can I say other than WOW!!!!  I would never have been able to pull all of that information together like you did!  I see why you left (work) to pursue this business, you are great!  Thank you so much!  I will keep you posted on how it goes.”


    K.S., Accountant:

    “When I went for the interview they said they loved my resume.  It was very original and unique. You did a great job for me.  I only sent out two resumes and I got the second job.

    Thanks for your help.”


    Happy client: 

    “Just a note so you know I did not forget about you, I had my interview yesterday I thought it went well, and as I was leaving the interviewer told me “Very impressive resume.” I thought so also.”


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