Should you ask a friend to review your resume?

A similar question was asked on LinkedIn. Here is my reply:

Several years ago I was typing out friends' resumes. They asked me because I had a computer and printer, a University education, and I worked in Human Resources.

What I typed then has no resemblance to what I type now.

I've added resume strategy skills to the basic writing and grammar skills. Business writing courses have polished my written communications, and I admit it, I learned a thing or two about grammar along the way! But it is the resume strategy that transformed my work (and led to a new career!). Without a doubt strategy is the critical component in crafting self-marketing documents that work.

I have to ask: what is the point of asking a non-credentialed person to evaluate your resume? Are you certain that your friend's grammar knowledge is perfect? Are you confident that your friend is up-to-date with job market info? Why do you think your friend could offer you insight into strategy?

It strikes me that asking an untrained friend for his or her opinion on your resume's content is akin to asking a non-medical practitioner to give you advice on aches and pains.

Resume writers are a new breed of career practitioner: there are few of us. Not all resume writers have an equal measure of talent either. Hence, the need to educate the public in what constitutes a truly remarkable resume, remains to be met.

Ask friends or peers is you wish, but do apply critical thinking to your choice.