What You Can Learn from Movies that Can Help Your Job Search

I love watching a really good movie. One that mesmerizes and keeps me firmly in my chair, one that hypnotizes me and keeps my eyes riveted to the screen. There’s simply nothing quite like being transported beyond the confines of your home, and outside the parameters of your experience, to sit like that fly on the wall and listen in on someone else’s story.

What is it that makes a movie so captivating? Obviously a really good story, one that evokes feelings from many or any of us, one that speaks to some aspect of what it means to be a human being: loss and sorrow, be it heartbreak or death; joy and contentment through love or a life well lived; or rising to a challenge and overcoming a seemingly unbearable ordeal.

The people who bring us these movies number in the hundreds, but our perception is likely focused on the writer(s), the director and the actors. The actors must convince us that we are indeed watching the real thing; the director ensures all the details lend themselves to our suspending reality and buying into these two hours; and the writer must have a talent for story telling as well as skill in setting the scene and writing dialogue that sounds normal!

The movies that have kept me in front of the screen, hesitating even to breath lest I miss a word of dialogue? Avatar, Lost Horizon, The Bucket List, Castaway, You Can't Take it With You. Great stories, expertly told and superbly acted.