Are all resume services the same?

Oftentimes when a potential client calls me, the first question asked is "What is the cost of a resume?" Although cost must be factored in, after all the costs range from $39.95 to over $3000.00, it cannot be the deciding factor.

My colleagues and I (I belong to Career Professionals of Canada, and blog for Career Thought Leaders), serious about providing truly effective services, all have extensive training. Our skills are polished, our knowledge is deep. And although we have similar credentials, we differentiate ourselves according to innate talents or past employment experience. It is up to you, the person purchasing the service and preparing to launch a serious job hunt, to decide which one of us meets your needs best.

Ask questions as to level of expertise, recognition, client satisfaction. Evaluate credentials, personality, professionalism, experience. Do you want to work with a former recruiter turned writer? Or a skilled worksmith who is passionate about career management? Or perhaps a former HR person, who has insider knowledge of corporate recruitment tactics? Do you want a personable career practitioner, a formal professional, a part-time lower-cost longer-wait service?

Resume writers come in all varieties! I urge you to do your due diligence in choosing one that resonates with your personality and career goal, as well as your budget!