Seasonal Job Search Tips

If you are job hunting right now, I hope that you've not put your feet up to wait out the "holiday season." True, there may be fewer jobs posted, but that doesn't mean there are no jobs at all that need to be filled before the new year!

Here are a few seasonal job search tips:

1. Fill your being with the goodwill prevalent at this time of year. Extend it and receive it in equal measure. Write notes or a heart-felt email of thanks to all who have helped you with advice, introductions, or by lending an ear during your job search. Reach out to new contacts as well. The generosity of spirit may just lead to a key phone conversation, meeting, or introduction.

2. Lots of networking opportunities at this time of year! Take along a self-created business-card style  networking card, and when others hand you their card, you can reciprocate by handing them yours! With strategically chosen information (key skills, statement of experience, tag line) you can share your information and continue your job search.

3. Apply to a seasonal part-time position. The income will come in handy, being out with people will brighten your days, feeling productive will raise your spirits ... and seasonal does get extended into the new year, and part-time can turn into full time.

These three steps apply year round! Happy Holidays to all!