Interview With Certainty

I so enjoy listening to Fresh Air, CBC's Sunday early morning show. Today, host Mary Ito interviewed Dan Gardner who has just published a book dealing with predictions. Apparently human beings crave certainty, and this is why those who predict are sought-after for their opinions.

However, most of the "experts" from whom we hear, the ones who communicate no-nonsense, clear and decisive predictions, are as good as dart-throwing monkeys at predicting the future! Apparently we simply don't care that they are so often wrong, we love hearing that easy listening, spoon-feed-me-a-good-story style!

Now, I wouldn't recommend this sort of story-telling to my job hunting clients! But, I do recommend learning to tell a good - and very true - workplace story. Rather than predicting the future,  this kind of story captures the job hunter's workplace value by sharing, in a well-developed fashion, a past workplace accomplishment.

Leverage the knowledge - that human nature enjoys hearing a good story, and craves certainty - to influence recruiters, employers, and interviewers. Hearing of how you solved workplace problems by using exactly the skills and attributes the position requires, will lead your interview team to confirm, with certainty, that you are the ideal candidate for the job!