Capturing a Recruiter's Interest

Undoubtedly you have read that a resume has perhaps 15 tiny seconds in which to capture a recruiter's attention. How is one to generate interest in such a short time span? Well, if you think about it, most of us do make snap first impressions. If in person, we assess clothing, hairstyle, demeanour, body language. What about a paper-based first impression?

Research shows that a resume-reviewer will spend those 15 seconds quickly scanning the top third or so of the first page, flip quickly to the second page and it's done. So, how is your resume doing? No calls for interviews? Likely the beginning of your resume has nothing of interest. If you're still using an Objective Statement you are wasting valuable resume "real estate"; if you launch right into job descriptions you are losing an opportunity to quickly and succinctly establish yourself as a candidate that should be interviewed.

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