On Authenticity in Your Job Hunt

Today's daily paper had this headline for one of its weekly columns: "For many men, Valentine's Day is all about trying not to screw up." Written by a man, it communicates the pressure men feel to get it right on this romantic occassion. It reminds me of how pressured job hunters feel when it comes to the interview.

Here's a thought: why not relax about it all, do something or behave in a way that is authentic to you and how you feel, and let the chips fall where they may? No use trying to manipulate a situation or relationship by being anything other than you! If the person doesn't respond favourably, whether in the interview or your relationship, perhaps it is best to move on.

I would much rather work somewhere where my quirks, personality, and style were welcomed, appreciated, needed, than somewhere where they found my approach not aligned with theirs. Such a situation, aside from potentially being a confidence buster, isn't likely to provide workplace successes. No success, no great content for the next resume, the need for which would likely come soon enough, given that the fit was all wrong!