Chemistry in Love and Interviews

Someone that I know well recently gave online dating a try. After receiving several invitations to a date, and accepting one that seemed very promising, she has now vowed to stay away. The promising one fell through because, although his written, online answers were great, perfect really, once they met, there was simply no "chemistry." She has now vowed to stick to the old-fashioned, in-person meetings to find a compatible human being!

You know, job interviews also assess chemistry. Along with ascertaining a candidate's skill set and knowledge, the interview aims to evalute "fit" as well. Does this candidate seem to fit the corporation's pervasive culture? Does this candidate look like he or she will fit in with the team? Are there any "red flags"? These questions cannot be answered by a paper resume and cover letter. They must be determined in person.

So, knowing that, how much time do you spend in an interview developing a "relationship" with the interview team members? Or haven't you given that much thought? Feel free to email me for more info on interview strategies. Chemistry, it seems, is not only important in dating!