Get Out! or How to Land a Job Quicker

Today's e-mail contained a newsletter from Execunet, a leading executive recruitment firm. The following two paragraphs from that newsletter contain a job search truth that too many job hunters ignore. Whether you are an executive, a consultant, a clerical staff or tradesperson, you ignore the benefits of getting out and talking to people at the cost of a much longer stretch of unemployment.

Even the self-employed have to get out and promote themselves, and that's why I speak to local private college students, and to my community at large at the local library and community centres. Self-promotion keeps business coming my way, i.e. it keeps me working.

Check out the two articles on Networking, right on this website, for info on how to shorten your job search by expanding your job search strategies beyond  computer-generated applications!

"Get out from behind computer," urged Opton. "The big trap is sitting behind the computer firing off emails and résumés. That is not how to expand your personal network.

"Eighty percent of life is just showing up. So get out of the house; go to a networking event and bring a friend. It’s a low-risk opportunity to expand your network and become more comfortable with how you present yourself."