Excuses Excuses! And Other Obstacles to Employment

A recent posting on a career professional group's forum got me thinking about obstacles to employment. A colleague asked for advice on how to create a resume for someone who had been out of work for a few years due to illness. And as so often seems to happen, there had been several incidents lately that revolved around the same theme.

These incidents involved people who had been fired, wrongly or rightly, who had been forced to leave their employ due to a serious accident, even ones who had to quit due to legal issues, or because they had been incarcerated! However, one by one, each one had gone on to find work once again. No legitimate problem, it seems, is insurmountable. (If you have a serious character flaw [entitlement, back-stabbing, thievery etc.], this is not a legitimate problem in my opinion.)

And yet, many people, with lesser problems, create their own problems with their attitude. Self-defeating, nay-saying, negative thinking, no initiataive, no faith in human nature ... the list spirals down down down into the depths of despair.

Job-hunters! No legitimate problem is insurmountable; if the person to whom I referred above, the one who had been in jail and is now gainfully employed (and, I might add, planning to return to formal education in order to take her career in a new direction), then what is your excuse?

Take charge! Have hope! Ask for help and advice, and be pro-active about it. Email me if you like, and I'll share a few articles that might point you in the right direction.