Heart to Sky - A Yoga and OCD-Inspired Interview Tip

My husband and I have two beautiful daughters. One has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD  is an anxiety disorder that unfortunately comes in many varieties. Hers is the germ phobic variety. She speaks openly about it, as she wants to lend others hope by her example. A local psychologist took her through (emotionally painful) cognitive behaviour therapy, which gave her the keys to lifelong control. She is no longer self-confined to her home!

A side-effect of anxiety is an inability to breathe. This has affected her even after the therapy, and has been a problem for about 10 years! Recently, at a yoga class, she heard of a technique called “Heart to Sky.” This has pretty much relieved that shallow breathing, weight-on-the-chest typical of anxiety!

It’s a good tip for those who are heading for interviews, and those who are knocking on doors, in a bid to land a new job. When you are feeling anxious, lift your chest so that your heart is open to the sky. Enjoy the deep, relaxing, invigorating breaths that result!