Customer Service ... The Least I Can Do?

It's funny how things happen in synchronicity. Just this morning I read a blog post from a marketer that discussed customer service, and as I sit and type, Rex Murphy's weekly CBC Cross-Country Check Up is discussing customer service.

That phrase "It's the least I can do" comes to mind. Is this really what we want? The least? I'd say no. You don't expect the "least" from me and your employer doesn't expect the "least" from you.

My approach to customer service is to do a bit more than you'd expect. Why I do this is two-fold. There's the marketing side: it is a marketing tool. I cannot afford expensive advertising (I am, after all, a micro-business), and so providing the unexpected extra is a way to market my service. But I wouldn't do it if this next point wasn't also true: I absolutely love what I do. I love writing, strategizing the contents of resumes, and playing your grounded-in-reality career management sounding board. If I didn't love what I do, I would find another way to market my services.

Your employer expects the same of you. You must love what you do, so that you too will go beyond "the least." Your employer counts on you to do this, so that you generate the income to cover your salary, PLUS a good return above that. Such is the nature of business.