Career Management "No Know-How"!

This is a bit tough to admit: this week I was invited to speak to two groups of youth on the topic of resumes and cover letters ... but no students showed up! An eternal optimist, at one event I presented to a small group of adults, and at the other I chatted a bit with the convenors, agreed to set up another session, and got an invitation to lunch! Not a total loss at all.

Disappointing? Yes. Unexpected? Not entirely. There seems to be a frightening lack of appreciation for the power of career management, of which resumes and cover letters are a vital component. Steering one's career should be right up there with choosing the right mate! After all, we spend most of our waking hours at work. It seems to follow that we should all want to steer our career's evolution.

Are you aware of how to influence your career's progress? If you'd like a bit of useful info, email me for my article "Manage Your Career: Best Kept Secrets of Successful People."