I love a good success story!

When one is self-employed there are inevitable lulls in business. Last week’s March school-break, and so far this week, have been so quiet … dismally uneventful … I started considering regular employment! And then, three emails arrived.

One was from a recent client, a fellow writer transitioning from a niche-specific writing to corporate writing. He landed a plum job with a leading IT company, 20% more in salary, full benefits, etc etc. Needless to say, he is ecstatic, and so am I. Truly, I live vicariously through my clients’ successes!

The second email, from a very recent client, who is looking for a manufacturing production position (which the experts agree is a tough sell), sent these words: 

“Just a thanks for everything you've done, today has been a pretty busy day. I had an interview with Home Hardware in Cityname, I got home to a message to call back Big Manufacturer in Town Name and Really Big Manufacturer in Another Town Name. The lady from Home Hardware made several comments about the resume and I think getting in there looks rather promising as she said on my way out. ‘I'll talk to you soon.’ Anyway I think I'm armed and ready to take on the world now. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the instant flood of calls, anyways, thanks for everything.”

 (Forgive me for not sharing all the company names, but confidentiality must be protected.)

The third email, from a potential client, was to confirm my services.  Last I’d heard he was choosing between my service and another professional resume writing service. I commended him on taking his career seriously, and truly believe that there are clients enough for all resume writers. Of course, I am very happy that he elected to work with New Leaf Resumes, after all, there are bills to pay, and I like to be busy! After such a rough beginning, the week is shaping up just fine.