Finding Your Way Home to Job-Joy

My husband and I put our house up for sale. Long dreaming of small-town living, we thought that if we’re going to try it, we better do so soon (one of us is turning 60 this year; he’d rather not say who). (Smile.)

But our house doesn’t seem to want to sell! And, we seem unable to decide which small town suits us. All is at a standstill. As I mused on this with our daughter Katie, she said “Sometimes it takes a long time to find your way home.” If you knew our history you’d well understand why this is so poignant a statement, but it’s a statement that I think many can relate to. Home, of course, is not necessarily where you were born or have lived. It is, sometimes, a place that speaks to the soul; a place that evokes a feeling of peace or belongingness. A place where you feel you can root.

And so it is, too, with careers. Some seem to know from the moment they are born that they will be a doctor, teacher, musician. Others, yours truly included, take years “to find their way home.” When you figure it out, as I did in my mid-forties, it is rewarding, exhilarating, sustaining, and stirs that all-too-unfamiliar- feeling — job joy!

Hopefully we will discover our home-joy soon.