Interview Tips Beyond the Usual

Today I posted my third blog with Career Thought Leaders, "Your think tank for the now, the new and the next in careers." As an Invited Expert Blogger my contributions are entitled Interview Tips Beyond the Usual. (I got to know the group's Executive Director, Wendy Enelow, as I continue my own professional development through the Resume Writing Academy, run by Wendy and her colleague, Louise Kursmark.)

It struck me that so often job hunters do not prepare for the interview -- they simply have no idea where to start, what's expected of them, who to go to for help. Rather, they relegate their career's fate to the unknown. They relinquish power to luck and chance, when they owe it to themselves to figure out what is expected and deliver, to find out who can help and ask.

I'd be happy to be of service if you find yourself in a similar interview dilemma. Strategy is what it's all about and I've developed an insightful one-hour strategy session. Many clients have shared that it has made a marked improvement in their interview skills. If you would like more info, please email me. And just to say "thank you" for visiting my website, please email me for the article "Three Key Interview Pitches" as an interview primer. All the best in your career! - Stephanie