Are You Shackled to Career Baggage?

By the time people hit my age, they may get tired of hauling certain (emotional) baggage around. Feelings of inadequacies, lack of self-esteem, lack of motivation—an endless list of non-designer, unattractive, no destination baggage—become weights that drag behind us, holding us back from fulfilling our divinely-designed missions. We stick to the status quo because we are comfortable, and because we fear the unknown.

I recently jarred myself out of my emotional comfort zone, with a few sessions with a “tent-shaker.” Joe Hiscott ( is schooled in the Native American Shamanic Energy Medicine tradition. Joe capably and compassionately facilitates healing from the many injuries inflicted by life itself. It has been a wild and wonderful journey! My emotional comfort zone has been dislocated and I feel myself making awe-inspiring progress ... and I'm not finished yet!

Getting jarred out of our comfort zone is crucial to movement, growth, progress, success, well-being. And sometimes this is especially true for career-related issues. Ensnared by  good salaries, great benefits, four weeks of holidays, we stay put, dragging along career baggage: lethargy, disinterest, lack of inspiration. Sometimes this baggage becomes a gnawing loathing for our jobs. There is no possible way to convince yourself that this is healthy. It is not staying in a job you dislike that is healthy; it is finding your passion, discovering your divinely-inspired mission that is healthiest. Throw off these shackles and explore what it is that you were meant to be.