Poof! or How to Land a Job Offer

Many a job hunter has lamented that job hunting is more work than work! So true. And yet, it is human nature to search for a quick fix. Poof! And you lost 15 pounds. Poof! And you found Mr. or Ms. Right. Poof! And your dream job is offered to you, with more salary than you even dreamed for.

No, there is no quick fix, no instant pudding, no immediate result in career transitions. I’m not saying that some job hunters don’t find their next gig with only a few emailed resumes; after all it’s a matter of supply and demand. If your specialty is in high demand and supply is lacking, you will likely be one of those lucky ones. But this isn’t the case for most in this sputtering economy, reeling yet from the recent financial fiasco.

A great resume, though, is useful no matter what. Even if you are in high demand, a great resume that communicates your value in language the recruiter recognizes can land you a better offer. Hiring a professional — who is trained in that language, and who has an eye that is trained to evaluate every detail, including typos and spelling errors — ensures that even if you don’t have skills as a poofreader, oops, proofreader, your resume will pass every test. Poof! No more worries.