The Job Search and Marketing

No, don't go, you're on the right site. Job hunting is self-marketing and I'd like to know if you are doing all you can to "get yourself out there." There are many new strategies, far beyond the standard resume and cover letter.

At one time, the only marketing tools were hand-written posters plastered around town. Then perhaps printed posters and flyers. With mass printing one could advertise in newspapers; with electricity came  radio ads. And now, with the internet, marketers can post on Facebook walls and twit their tweats on Twitter!

Are you on LinkedIn? Depending on your job perhaps you should be. Do you have an on-line presence, with your resume on a personal website? If not, perhaps you should consider that as well (free resources abound, job hunters!).

Not sure what else you could do beyond checking Workopolis or Monster every few days? Let me know what you're doing, perhaps I can give you a few ideas to get your job search in sync with today's opportunities.