High, Healthy and Happy

I bet that title got your attention! It is the motto of the town that my husband and I will soon be moving to. No, we are not moving to Canada’s pot-growing capital; the word “high” likely refers to the town’s elevation! But I would like to rephrase the motto: If you are healthy and happy, you will be high on life!

And a large part of health and happiness depends on where you spend your working hours and whether you enjoy your work. Spend eight hours a day in a toxic environment in a job you loathe to your core, and health and happiness are distant concepts rather than everyday experience.

Are you, perchance, standing in your own way of being high, healthy and happy by remaining where you don’t want to be? Are you ready to say “Yes, I can make a change, I will do it, it is doable”?  My advice? Do it: Get high (on life), healthy and happy!