Love Your Work

My husband and business partner overheard me speaking to a client the other day. He commented on something I mentioned to the client, that I "love what I do." He has heard me say that many times. I share it because it's so true, and it's what I want for each of my clients, that they love their work. So hubby then said "You should put that on your website." And I did! (It's on the home page.)

It was a bold move because many people are highly uncomfortable with the word "love" in a business context. Love, passion, enthusiasm - few can lay claim to these feelings when it comes to their work. But I'd rather be authentic to who I am and how I work than follow external and artificial norms.

I've written about synchronicity before, and here's yet another example. When I opened a blog that I subscribe to this morning, it contained a link, which took me to a great page of books to read. Here's what one of them is about:

"Some years ago I wrote a book about an extraordinary individual who loves his work. My editor at the time deleted the word love every place I used it. Instead, he suggested using the phrase ‘generosity of spirit.’

‘Why not love?’ I inquired.

‘Because the word love freaks out businesspeople,’ he responded.”

Some food for thought.