Communicating Your Value as an Employee

The one critical aspect of the job hunt that I find people have very little knowledge of, skill or experience in, is communicating their value.

The job hunt's timely success is highly dependent on self-marketing. This means not simply stating your education, experience, and skills, but relating those to what you achieved on the job.

For example, rather than simply stating "I am PMP certified and have five years' experience" add context that shares accomplishments, as so:

"As a PMP certified professional, with 10 years' experience in the exacting environment of banking and insurance, I've rescued failing projects worth several millions, solutioned a proof of concept that was crucial to privacy and security concerns, and met my projects' milestone deadlines. My teams tell me that they enjoy working with me as I challenge them, and trust them to deliver."

Therein lies to key to an influential resume, a dynamic interview, and a pending job offer!