Resume Assessments - with no jogging monkeys

As part of my ongoing professional development, and because I love reading about all-things career-related, I subscribe to several blogs and newsletters. One such blog, in today's Inbox, spouted off about "resume hacks" who provide "canned resume assessments." Seems they copy and paste examples from a crib sheet, and the writer likened them to monkeys who copy one another! Well, here, read his version:

An honest sales pitch should indicate the quality of the product a company delivers. When a vendor uses canned resume critiques to get your business, this suggests you'll be buying a canned resume assembled from odds and ends copied and pasted from yet another crib sheet of action verbs, keywords and buzzwords... ensuring that your $495 resume will be as customized as the free resume critique written by those jogging (June 8th blog).

Nick Corcodilor, of Ask the Headhunter, doesn't mince words! I too offer resume assessments, but all who ask receive individualized ideas, particular to their resume. No canned, copy and paste, one size fits all info here! If you have a resume that isn't working, send it along. I will give you honest insight, detailed information, and point you in the right direction. No jogging monkeys here!