The early-bird gets the worm and the best interviewer gets the job

Interviews evoke thoughts of sweating palms, shaking knees, and mouth so dry that our lips stick! And the reason is that no matter how much we prepare - and try to anticipate questions, devise the answers , come up with more questions, scribble a few more answers ... well, you can never be "prepared enough."

Preparation is so much more than anticipating the questions, dressing appropriately, handing out extra copies. If you forget all of those, but remember the following, you'll likely still come out on top.

Apply strategy to your replies, learn to structure your answers in stories, and you'll come out on top. Most recruiters agree that it's not always the person who is most qualified, but the one who interviews best who receives the offer.

As an interview strategist, I coach clients on how to interview with an eye on landing a job offer. Ask me how!