Career Potential vs. Job Complacency

I recall, just before I leapt off the precipice from secure work to launching my own business, trying to convince myself that the job I had was good and that I was "happy enough." Complacency was attempting to sway my conviction; thank goodness that conviction won out. I knew I needed change, and desperately wanted to write for a living.

We've only one life to live, and although I'm not yet near retirement age, I've listened to more than one elderly person rehash a life lived below expectations. I've no desire to mull over "woulda coulda shoulda" scenarios.

Perhaps you are stifling an urge for change? Perhaps you're not in a financial position to entertain change? But surely you can investigate and prepare for change? Don't waste your potential; don't live to regret avoiding the precipice. I jumped and I soared on the wings of talent and determination. But I spent five years preparing for the event!