When You Hate Your Job

Nothing on this earth is forever. Oceans change shores over millenia, species become extinct, and certainly no job is secure and guaranteed. Then why do some people stick to jobs they hate, sometimes reaping the reward of a "pink slip"? (Those who hate their jobs rarely perform to expectations.)

I envision these poor folk, shackled to their jobs, enticed with those dangled career-carrots - benefits, good pay - all the while reciting their mantra "I'm a great person: Look at me, I hate my job but I'm sticking it out."

Are you that person? Are those golden handcuffs keeping you in a job you hate? Are you allowing this to kill your very soul, stop you from being the person you were meant to be, stop you from using your talents for a greater good?

If you are reciting that mantra "Look at me, I'm so self-disciplined. I keep going to work as it kills me, cell by painful cell," stop and think about whether the price is worth the (imagined) reward.