Why Unemployed Job Hunters Should Avoid the News

I subscribe to a daily paper, and often catch the 6pm news. Sometimes I wonder why I bother: it's almost entirely doom and gloom. At one time we knew only of local news; today we hear of stories from around the world - even more trouble!

Unemployed job hunters, who by nature of their situation are already stressed, under duress, and not bubbling with optimism, would do well to avoid reading or listening to the news.

  • Avoiding this activity will reduce the fear they feel. What is the advantage to knowing unemployment statistics, about yet another closure, or on another sector's impending off-shore move? In this case what you don't know truly won't hurt you.
  • Avoiding the news will also, if not reduce, than at least it won't increase negativity. It's hard to even look for a job when you're down, and no one wants to hire a less-than-stellar candidate. The job hunter owes it to him or herself to stay upbeat.
  • Avoiding the news will give you more time to spend on the job hunt: sourcing suitable employers, making phone calls, connecting with former co-workers to network, revising the cover letter to suit each ad, and so much more! Rather than creating "busy activities" that decrease job search activities, free up some time.

I think that this evening I, too, will skip the news. I'll take a walk instead and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. Actually, that's an activity that the job hunter must add to the regimen, to boost his mood and regenerate her energy, energy that is much needed to hunt for a job!