Job Search Truth - Patience is a Virtue

My husband, Richard, and I met our eldest daughter, Katie, this morning for breakfast. (By the way, if you're ever in Fergus, do stop into Van Gali's; delicious, nutritious, and even gluten-free options. Yum! I highly and unreservedly recommend it!) Somehow the topic of patience came up and I assured my daughter that I only give good, motherly advice; I don't necessarily live it!

We had a chuckle over that, and my daughter and I both have to admit that we are "instant puddings." And who could blame us? Our world moves faster every day, and the western world relies on fast food, canned veggies, instant texting, and instant internet access! We're trained to have it quick, now, right away!

And yet, sometimes the best things in life must be waited on. True love comes to mind. A great Madeira Sauce must be simmered at length. The best banana bread should bake for two hours in a low oven. And, of course, sometimes the very best jobs, the ones you dream about, take time. Over the last three weeks I have heard from three clients. Each one landed a truly perfect position. Each one had her trials. One worked on contract for a year, another endured two months of interviews, and the third landed her job very quickly, but spent about two years deliberating about leaving a toxic environment.

My motherly advice is sometimes right on: patience is a virtue.