How Holding Onto Outdated Ideas Could be Lengthening Your Job Search

I really enjoy watching the Dragons' Den, a television show that features successful, fabulously wealthy entrepreneurs. They are visited by a stream of people with ideas for businesses (that they no doubt think will make them as rich as the Dragons), who ask for their endorsement and financial support.

On each show there is at least one inventor or entrepreneur who thinks that he or she has the next big thing. Sadly, these guests don't always listen to the Dragons' good advice. Some leave the show empty-handed, but remain fervently committed to seeing their idea through. Having already invested tens of thousands of dollars, they are determined to throw away more money. It is clear that they should defer to the experts.

Sometimes job hunters behave in this same fashion: they stick to an outdated or ineffective idea. And they keep trying and trying, and getting nowhere fast! Like it or not, the job hunt has changed. The internet is likely to blame as it has changed pretty much everything in the world as we knew it. (Newspapers are going defunct, music is being purchased and downloaded online rather than in stores, and books are now kindles!)

How about you? Is your resume still the standard "Objective Statement/Work History" format? Are you using the functional format? To quote a famous television doctor, how's that working for you?

Perhaps you too need the advice of an expert. Don't be like the above-mentioned guests who continue with the same old, and hope for something radically different to happen.