Which font to use in a resume?

I enjoy contributing to the questions posted in LinkedIn, questions on resume writing and job search strategies. Recently someone asked advice on an effective font, one that would "catch the recruiter's eye."

The answers varied with Arial, Tahoma, and Times New Roman heading the list.

But I say this: you cannot please everyone so why not simply be authentic to who you are? If you like Tahoma, use it; if you are a flamboyant person in the arts and wish to create a resume with incredible graphics, fonts and design worthy of an art competition, do it!

The best strategy is to be authentic, to own your truth, and to share that openly and let the chips fall where they may, as the saying goes. This way, you attract employers who value your authenticity and for whom you could likely work with much contentedness and career success ... especially if you evaluate success, not in money, but in a workplace that sings the same song, honours the same beliefs, and holds similar values.

Give it a try.