It's in the Proof

Time and again I see self-written resumes with the same problem: the writer claims to behave in or be certain things, but fails to prove it in the context of the resume.

What is the use of stating that you are a team player and then make no effort to back it up? Or claiming that you are creative, and then nary a word about how you came up with a creative idea that was implemented, preferably with a great return to the business. (Your performance is in some way dedicated to profits or reputation, but that's another blog!)

And while we're talking about making claims, take some time to make sure you're not selling yourself short. Don't be simply "competent" if in truth you're the change catalyst; don't be a "team player" if your role is consistently to be the team's motivator!

If there is ever a time to "own you strengths" it's in the job hunt.

It takes proof to compose a resume with language that pops off the page in an energetic display of accomplishments!