Sad News to Share

Today I received an unexpected email. The Waterloo Region Record, a daily paper for whom I have penned a weekly career-related article for over two years, has decided to drop the article.

Unbelievably, my first article, "Career Transition Resume: It's All About Positioning," ran on April 9, 2009. Time surely does fly when you're having fun!

I loved writing these articles and covered every corner of career management from job search to resume writing, interviewing, and how to start a new job on a "good foot," so to speak. A quick perusal of titles reminded me of some favourites, for example, "Schmooze Your Way to a New Job," "Seven Tips to Secure Employment," and "When to Say 'No thank you' to a Job Offer." My aim was to give those who work for a living more substance than the bland and ubiquitous offerings on the web. Yes, lots is free on the WWW, but much of it is regurgitated!

So, dear readers, I am searching for my next writing gig, of articles that is! Lots of resumes to write, but I love variety and need challenge. If you have a group that would enjoy having an article written specifically geared to the needs of its readers, for a newsletter perhaps, it seems that I am available! Get in touch with me and let's talk about the career challenges your group is facing, and the common job search problems that are mentioned at meetings. Help is but a few written words away!