Global Career Brainstorming Day 2011

Yesterday, Friday, October 14th, I attended the second annual Global Career Brainstorming Day. Oganized by career leader Wendy Enelow, the event took place in eight cities and an additional three virtual events, spread over three countries!

Passionate about career management and as a career practitioner who loves her work, I was thrilled to attend.

We discussed the now, the new and the next in resumes, interviewing, recruitment, as well as obstacles and challenges facing new graduates. One trend we saw was toward non-traditional employment such as consulting or contract-based arrangements. We pondered the impact of Gen-Xers who demand flexibility and we mused on what new technology may impact resumes next.

A white paper will be published in due time, one which will compile ideas from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. In the meantime, you can review last year's findings here

Cannot wait to attend in 2012, which will mark my third year participating in this remarkable and unique event.