How to boost your resume's content

I often mention that I love what I do, and it's so true. I especially enjoy conducting an interview to dig down and unearth my client's workplace contributions, and then getting down to the business of writing the self-marketing documents.

So often I find that people have little appreciation for how to communicate their value. For example, if you are a sales person simply stating that you conduct sales in xyz territory and meet or exceed sales goals with great relationship management is only a beginning. After all, your competition cites pretty much the same kinds of details.

There are many tactics that will boost your value, like adding actual goal and sales numbers, or sharing how you rated within your larger group of sales colleagues. Another effective tactic to distinguish yourself from many competitors, is to communicate self-improvement.

The improvement strategies must relate to work. Remarking on your adult ballet class may not boost your sales-abilities, but adding how you recently finished a certificate in negotiation, public speaking, memory, or a popular second language, would be impressive and useful to a sales person.

Show how these have impacted your confidence, opened new markets, or boosted your sales numbers, and you're really talking the language that the recruiter is looking for.