Don't forget to optimize your email signature

I once had a client whose email address seriously impeded his job search. A DZ licensed truck driver, his email address boasted "fastandfurious@." He also loved cycling, and considered a 100 km ride pure fun. But a potential employer had no way of knowing that.

Email addresses are best left to names, not hobbies.

But what of the email signature? Optimize yours to maximize your impact! Add your educational credentials, your areas of expertise, your blog address, the url to your personal website or LinkedIn profile! Make it ultra-easy for a recruiter to check out a few things about you, even before he or she opens your resume and cover. With consistent - and robust - content, you'll seem like someone they know, not an unknown applicant.

For example, if you are a new grad, right out of Forensic Psychology, you could use:

Stephanie Clark, BSc

Forensic Psychologist

My Blog: http://www.psychology.wordpress

What I am reading: a few book titles

Wow! You will immediately stand out as a serious job hunter who loves her chosen field of studies. What are you waiting for? Get going on creating robust content in your LinkedIn profile, and a stand-out, attention grabbing email signature! If you need help, New Leaf services are available!

P.S. After posting this I came across a few unique titles. How about word herder, happiness advocate, or problem wrangler? Apparently the friendly banter of social media is impacting corporate language ... might not be a bad thing. :-)