The Value of a LinkedIn Profile

A recent survey conducted by Jobvite was a recruitment eye-opener. It seems that of the companies surveyed, overwhelmingly most were planning to fund social network hiring strategies rather than into online job board postings. In fact 55% were investing more in hiring through social media and only 16% were putting more money into online job board expenses.

If you are a professional, and a job hunter, you ignore this statistic at your career's expense! Be prepared: Go where the recruiters are - what could be easier? And given that LinkedIn is easily the frontrunner of professional social media, that is where you must be (once you're on LinkedIn, you can pick and choose others, like Namz, that may continue to hold their own).

How do you prepare? By completing your LinkedIn profile with robust details, interesting language, expected key words. Each section of your LinkedIn profile must be complete and strategic.

If you need help, New Leaf Resumes would be delighted to pen a strategic, cleverly written, and influential profile. Interested? Email me for details.