Learning from Black Friday

The fervour with which shoppers plan, prepare for and execute Black Friday shopping strategies is incredible! They scout out merchandise, stand in line for hours just to enter their desired retailer, and battle frustrated colleagues-in-shopping, fatigue, and yet more lineups at the checkout.

All to save a few hundred dollars.

When did you last hear of a job hunter applying him or herself to devise a job hunt with equal strategy, planning, preparation and execution? Even my words seem silly in the context of the zeal of a shopping excursion! Plan and prepare and strategize and execute a job hunt? Huh?

But that job you land will reap far more than a few hundred dollars in benefits - that is, the joy, satisafaction, security, which will outlast any purchase ... and yet, not many bother.

How do you plan and prepare and strategize and execute? Ah, now there's a topic! Check out earlier blogs and my newsletters to find a few ideas. And if you feel inspired, send me an email for more details.