The Power of Networking

Recently I've made some great connections and sub-contracting opportunities through networking.

For example, a past client, one who subscribes to my newsletters and to whom I've sent the odd email, alerted me to a sub-contracting opportunity that I'm currently pursuing. Not all of these end up as a lucrative venture, but some fill in gaps in earnings (self employment does not equal a steady paycheque!).

And another one led me to an ongoing relationship with Avalon Magazine, an incredible cross-border, Canada/U.S. venture capably led by sisters, one of whom lives in Martha's Vineyard and the other lives in Ontario. Check the magazine out at or purchase a copy at Chapters and other locations.

What networking opportunities are you missing because you haven't nurtured a relationship, or taken the time to reach out? Recently I've had a few clients who landed interviews and job offers simply through networking. Yes, you still need a super resume, but it's the person to person contact that gets you closer to the opportunity before 700 other applicants send in their own resumes!

Need a good book on networking? Send me an email and I'll give you a few suggestions! To your job hunting success, Stephanie