Writing a Thank you after the Interview

Every now and then I receive an email that pulses with enthusiasm from another client who had a great interview, really wants to receive a job offer, and doesn't know how to start (or finish) a thank you note.

It's not rocket science! But business correspondence definitely scares many from even trying. 

Now that you've had the interview, you should have some inkling of upcoming projects or existing challenges. Connect the dots between your experience and solving or contributing, and that's perfect.

Didn't get any insights? (If so I suggest you need to rethink your interviewing strategies - check out my e-book on Interviewing That Works.) Restate your expertise - education, experience, skillset - that are directly relevant to the position.

Flogged that expertise with wild abandon during the interview? Then just thank the team for a wonderful interview, mention how you felt a connection, or felt energized by the opportunity, and share, in true-to-you language, how much you want the job! 

Be truthful, honest, share - what have you got to lose? Maybe the job offer if you don't try! If you need help, I'm here. I'd love to work with you as I truly love to put pen to paper (digits to keyboard actually)and compose wonderful thank-yous, as well as strategic resumes and interesting-to-read cover letters! I'm a writer through and through.