Does Your Resume Convey Personality?

Why, you might ask, would I want to? Or how, you might wonder, can I inject personality into that formulaic, arachaic document - the resume!?

You have a few good points there as resumes remind me of law: slow as molasses to change, and open to endless scrutiny and discussion. How resumes got this reputation I don't know, but I can guess: the resumes's owners are afraid to "do something wrong that might inspire the reader's rejection"!

I have written about the job hunter's fears before, and my advice remains as always: NONSENSE!! Be yourself, own your accomplishments (and regrets), be real and let the chips fall where they may.

Here's a recent client's profile that exudes personality, practically bounces off the page, through the atmosphere, hitting the stratosphere (okay I am adding drama here!):

Sales & Account Management

Who I am in my words: Self-proclaimed “communications queen,” bundle of energy, love to push status quo out the door with innovative sales strategies. Proven and sustained sales results. Keen and sought-after public speaker. Altruistic human being. Outgoing doesn’t begin to describe me! I also love yoga, hiking in the mountains, sliding down volcanoes, pushing my own limits.

Corporate Version: Charismatic communicator who engages her audience, and energetic and innovative problem-solver who identifies strategic partnerships and builds relationships with proven success in account management / sales roles.

It fit the client's personality, and she landed three interviews in no time and landed an offer that surpassed even her expectations. Personality works! Let me know when you're ready to brave a new strategy, push your own envelope and give the creative approach a try. I love my work and thrive on serving my clients' career goals! And that's my personality coming through. :-) Stephanie