Something for the new graduate and for interviewees

Perhaps you are not aware of topic-specific blogs that I write? I have been adding to an interview tip blog for some time now, after having been invited to add my syndicated blog to the Career Thought Leaders group. You can find oodles of information, ideas, encouragement and confidence building ideas at I just posted a new blog today. If you know someone who is hoping to land an interview soon, you might share the link!

And more recently I began blogging on topics geared to or customized to the needs of new graduates. Yesterday's blog targets newly graduated educators. Previous entries include topics such as LinkedIn and the New Grad, Coping with Rejection and many more. You can see them here: It's a great resource to share with the new grad in your neighbourhood or family.

Finish your visit to this journal page, or the blogsites, with your comment. I welcome questions that have stumped you in the interview process or in the job search journey. I am more than pleased to offer reasoned advice. Working to your career success, Stephanie