Effective Resume Writing

Listening to a lesson in marketing, I heard the instructor say "Pretty doesn't sell; effective writing sells." I almost jumped up and down - it's not every day that I come across someone who, like me, values good writing! Quite the contrary, writing skills are becoming mediocre, full of errors in grammar, syntax, and logic. Resumes are certainly no exception.

What does it take to write an effective resume? To compose a document that has the power, through the use of words alone, to influence the reader to take a second look, to consider the resume's owner as a potential interview candidate?

It takes the basics, of course, as in no spelling mistakes and a good eye for grammar. But it takes expertise in messaging, identifying what context would make a stronger point, and pro-actively addressing objectives, concerns, needs and desires.

Marketing, above all, keeps the needs of the buyer in mind. And your buyer is your next employer. Does sharing that you "Sourced and bought scrap metal" entice a business owner to hire you? Not at all. But "sourced scrap metal in a tight market by building strong, respectful and trustworthy relationships, which allowed me to purchased metals at a lower than market value" might just do it.

My clients benefit from my enthusiasm for good expert writing defined by effective context, and influential messaging by landing jobs, even in this tight employment market.