More on Writing an Effective Resume

Today I received an email from a colleague with an attached survey. I cannot resist those surveys and so I dutifully clicked my access and proceeded to fill in the questions. One asked me what advice I might give to those who are writing resumes. Here is my response:

Crafting a resume that sings with value and influences the reviewer to pause, marvel, and purposefully place a resume into the "yes" pile takes a combination of skills. I suggest that these are applying science and integrating art.

Let me explain.

It is by blending science and art in polished writing and skillful strategy that the resume writer transforms a piece of text into a career-enhancing and competition-busting resume.

I believe in the power of words, in communicating intention, in owning your authentic contributions,  woven into a career through acquired skills as well as the talents and interests you were born with.

That is difficult to capture without intense training and years of experience. I am grateful beyond measure that I found a craft that uses my talents - for writing, interviewing, condensing materials, working with people - to help others! I searched many years, and didn't arrive at "resume writer" without effort. But here I am, doing what I love. And that is what I wish for each of my clients: to find their place, work in a job that feels like play, using talents and skills that come easily and naturally. Working to your career success, Stephanie