Manufacturing is on the rise

Seems to me there's a song that goes "everything old is new again." And then there's the old adage "never say never." At one time we thought manufacturing was gonzo! But according to a poll conducted by PwC, manufacturers are planning to hire in 2012.

Here's a snippet from the newstory:

"The Canadian economy is experiencing a significant shortage of
skilled workers at all levels, from welders and engineers to HVAC
technicians," said Calum Semple, a consulting partner at PwC.

"This is an opportunity for Canadians looking for skilled employment
to boost their incomes, but they may have to be willing to be
retrained and relocate, as many of these job opportunities are not in
the big cities."

Apparently technician and skilled labourers are needed within the mining, engineering and aerospace sectors. Are you ready with a strategic resume and influential cover letter? If not, give me a call; I'd love to help you out! And if I'm booked, I have two or three valued colleagues whose work I have seen and to whom I would be confident to refer you.     77TJ5RKBMNGV