General Resume or a Targeted Resume?

On a recent on-line discussion, the question above generated a lot of responses. I am happy, as a career practitioner, to say that everyone agreed a resume must target specific needs, i.e. skills, knowledge base, related experience and yes, even personality. General wishy-washiness simply doesn't cut it.

The remaining conversations delved into whether to include a photo (generally no, unless you are in drama, modeling), whether the resume should be one or two pages (lots of opinions and reasons to substantiate), whether to include taglines, graphics, or tables (again, varying opinions).

One last thing that everyone agreed upon? That targeted resume must also show results, accomplishments, i.e. how your employ positively impacted past employers' revenues, bottom lines, viability. Otherwise, your resume has no bite, no influence, not much hope of landing you an interview for that dream job that finally became available. Are you ready if your dream job suddenly presents itself?