I believe in the goodness of human nature

I've said it before, and I'm very pleased to repeat it: I have the best clients. Outstanding. Here's something that happened recently. I created a resume and cover letter for a man who was making a transition from construction sector to pure sales. Transitional career-search documents are the toughest, but when you have a knack for asking just the right questions and developing impact-generating statements, it's a welcome challenge!

Now, as it turned out, this client had some financial difficulties to work through, and it took a month or so before I was paid. But as I told him, and as I firmly believe, "I've not yet had a client who didn't pay me and I doubt you will be the first."

(That doesn't mean that I don't have "spidey-senses" that prickle when the person on the other end of the phone is demanding or demeaning ... my spidey-senses are somehow well-tuned! I don't choose to work with each and every inquirer.)

Sure enough, I received a surprise email "You've got money" it proclaimed. Thank you to my lovely client, not only for paying, but for sustaining my belief in the good intentions of my fellow human beings. Some would call me a PollyAnna, and if that is so, so be it! I will wear that name with pride, as I prefer to live and work with the belief that most people are well-intentioned, honest, hard-working, and filled with goodness.