How being clueless can be a bonus

Recently my husband and I got ourselves a little pup. (The house was so quiet since our daughters were grown and on their own that the thought of little paws running up and down the hall was appealing to me!)

Now this little fellow, a sturdy shih tzu we named Myschka, which is Ukrainian for "little mouse," doesn't know that at about four kilograms he's not supposed to be able to move significantly heavy things. He is quite clueless to that "fact." And, not allowing this knowledge of impossibility and improbability to stop him, he has managed to escape from a variety of enclosures that we rigged up, meant to contain him while we are out. We now fully expect him to greet us at the door upon our return!

Being clueless can be a bonus. "Knowing" that there are no jobs out there, that you are competing with countless other applicants, some of whom are far more credentialed than you, undoubtedly stops many dead in their tracks. Inertia and hopelessness set in and that "dogged" ability to keep trying, to not allow obstacles to stop you, is lost.

Try being clueless to the impossibility of job hunting! Set your sights and go for it. If our determined little pet can achieve amazing feats of escape, you can achieve your career goals.